EU Energy and Climate Package Alternative Fuels Kyoto Protocol
Background Information EU Energy and Climate Package In March 2007 the EU’s leaders endorsed an integrated approach to climate and energy policy that aims to combat climate change and increase the EU’s energy security while strengthening its competitiveness. They committed Europe to transforming itself into a highly energy-efficient, low carbon economy.  To kick-start this process, the EU Heads of State and Government [...]
Background Information Alternative Fuels Biofuel is a type of fuel which is in some way derived from biomass. The term covers solid biomass, liquid fuels and various biogases. Biofuels are gaining increased public and scientific attention, driven by factors such as oil price spikes, the need for increased energy security, concern over greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, and [...]
Background Information Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The mayor distinction between Protocol and Convention is that while the Convention encourages industrialized countries to stabilize GHG emissions, the Protocol commits them to do so. Recognizing that developed countries are principally responsible for the current high levels [...]

The SuDES project is finalised (May 2012). The reports can be downloaded below. See team and contacts for further information.

Report on Climate Aspects of the Energy Sector in Serbia (4 parts) in English

PART 1: Summary, Introduction to the report and Policy Assessment. Download here

PART 2: Development Energy Sector and Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions to 2020. Download here

PART 3: Low Carbon Scenarios Energy Sector 2050 and Carbon Capture and Storage. Download here

PART 4: Impact EU Emission Trading Scheme, ETS Road Map and Carbon Market Mechanisms. Download here

Aspekti klimatskih promena u razvoju energetskog sektora u Srbiji

PRVI DEO – Rezime, uvod u izveštaj i evaluacija politika. Preuzmite fajl ovde

DRUGI DEO – Razvoj energetskog sektora i uticaji na gasove sa efektom staklene bašte do 2020. godine. Preuzmite fajl ovde

TREĆI DEO – Scenariji niskog nivoa emisija ugljenika u energetskom sektoru do 2050. godine, Skupljanje i skladištenje ugljenika. Preuzmite fajl ovde

ČETVRTI DEO – Uticaj Šeme EU za trgovinu emisijama, Mapa puta za Šemu trgovine emisijama i Mehanizmi tržišta emisija ugljenika. Preuzmite fajl ovde

Work plan on monitoring and reporting under the EU Emission Trading Scheme

Work plan on monitoring and reporting under the EU Emission Trading Scheme (in English). Download here

Radni plan monitoringa i izveštavanja u okviru Šeme EU za trgovinu emisijama u energetskom sektoru. Preuzmite fajl ovde

Informativna brošura Energija i klima u Srbiji – Izazovi i mogućnosti (in Serbian)

The SuDES project has prepared an information brochure on Energy and Climate in Serbia (in Serbian), available for download here: Informativna brošura energija i klima u Srbiji

Seminar on energy and climate; the role of stakeholders. April 12th 2012

The closing seminar for the project was held on April 12th 2012. This seminar aimed to involve and inform a broad range of stakeholders in Serbian administration, civil society, education and business on the future challenges and opportunities resulting from sustainable development of the energy sector in Serbia. In particular the links between energy and climate were addressed.

See here for the presentations

Presentations latest workshop International developments on climate change & Implementation of the EU Emission Trading Scheme in Serbia and impact on the energy sector Thursday February 9th, 2012  can be found here

 The SuDES Project (Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector), financed by EU and managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, assists Serbia in the activities with the main goal to contribute to sustainable development in Serbia by enhancing capacities in the energy sector to efficiently use resources in compliance with the EU energy and climate acquis.

The main purpose of SuDES project is to build capacity in the energy sector which will enable:

  • implementation of sustainable energy policy,
  • implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and its possible successor,
  • increasing the quality of conventional fuels and creating preconditions for placing on the market fuels of biological origin,
  • raising the awareness by public campaigns and trainings in sustainable development .

The SuDES project addresses two key issues in the sustainable development of the energy sector in Serbia:

1 Kyoto Protocol and the Energy Sector

This project will support the Ministry for Infrastructure and Energy by improving GHG scenarios in the energy sector, by identifying mitigation measures, by investigation the impact of future obligations as well as any opportunities for participation in carbon financing mechanisms.

2 Quality of Liquid Fuels, Fuel Quality Monitoring System (FQMS) and Biofuels Labeling – Certification System

The project’s second part is focused on the monitoring of the quality of liquid fuels of mineral and biological origin and calculation of the reduction of the GHG emissions requested by the relevant Directives and Decisions of the EU.

The project is implemented by a consortium of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting KPC (Austria), EPTISA (Spain) and the Austrian Environmental Agency UBA. The project is implemented in the period April 2011 to April 2012.

This site provides background information on both topics and information on the project.

Seminars on fuel quality monitoring in Arandjelovac-"How to

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Environment and Climate Change; A Challenge for the Energy S

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EU progress report Serbia

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EU Energy Road map 2050 published

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Technical Support to Serbia in Sustainable Development of th

The project "Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector", funded by the European Union and implemented by the Delegation of the read more...

Requirements for the Member States for increase of bio-diese

Member States shall ensure that diesel fuel may be placed on the market in their territory only if it is read more...

Targets for the Member States for reduction of GHG emissions

Member States shall require suppliers of fuels and other kind of energies to reduce as gradually as possible life cycle read more...

New Energy Law adopted

The new Energy Law in Serbia establishes the importance of energy efficiency and aims to promote investments in renewable energy read more...

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